Lunch and a Sock

Ah, lunchtime. My second favorite time of day (my absolute favorite is “time to go home”). My mornings start pretty early which results in me dreaming of lunch starting at 9:30 or so. It’s less a case of being really, really hungry than it is of needing a break, an excuse to leave the office and not think about what still needs to be done for an hour or so.

And so here I sit at a little table outside “Jamba Juice,” slurping down a Strawberry Surfrider smoothie and enjoying the breeze and the sunshine, and trying to figure out how to take an interesting picture of my sock in progress without looking like a total dork (step 1, remove badge from work so people from other companies won’t know where I came from). There’s a very pretty little shrub next to my table – I think it’s a mock orange – just covered with buds waiting to open which would both support and compliment my little sock.


I have no issues with knitting in public. I do it all the time. Sometimes people look at me like I’m crazy, but sometimes they come over and ask about what I’m knitting, or the yarn I’m using. Once I even had a teenaged boy ask me to explain how I made the heel turn (his dad later explained that the boy and his mom had just completed a 10′ long scarf, which they took turns knitting on. Yet another example of knitterly influence).

But I don’t think I’m quite brave enough to arrange my sock on a small tree in a public place and photograph it as though it were an important historical relic or… honestly, I sat here for five full minutes trying to think of something that could be arranged on a tree and photographed without anyone batting an eye, but I just couldn’t do it.

Let’s move on.

Instead, I posed my sock inconspicuously on my keyboard,

Hedera sock from “knit. sock. love.” by Cookie A (same as the previous post)

then it lounged on it’s project bag, next to my cup.

It turns out the little tree was hurt that I didn’t include it in the photos, so here she is. Isn’t she lovely?


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