Call it a “Knitcation”

Sock Summit 2011

Yesterday morning found me, not knitting, but pouring over the list of classes being offered this year at Sock Summit. I’d read all the horror stories about the last Sock Summit registration, where thousands of knitters tried to sign up as soon as registration opened and overwhelmed the system, and I knew there would be a similar stampede this time. I told my husband that I was going to try to sign up, and that after I knew whether or not I was even able to get into any classes we’d figure out the logistics of getting there and who was coming along (me alone; me, my husband, and the two little ones; or the whole crew).

There were three classes that I really wanted to attend, and by 12:05, I had them all.

First up is Franklin Habit’s “Photographing your Fiber,” because in addition to being a great fan of Mr. Habit, Sami informed me a few projects ago that my knitting pictures were a bit formulaic. Who better to learn some new techniques from, then, than the man behind the “1,000 Knitters” project?

The second class I really wanted was “Morphing Cables,” taught by Fiona Ellis. Even though I’m not as familiar with Ms. Ellis, her class sounded intriguing, and I hurried to sign up. After my Jared Flood rant a few weeks ago – not to mention my desire to sprinkle cables into any plain knitting project I happen across – I’m sure you can understand, or maybe just not judge me too harshly for being really excited to learn more about how to work with and design them.

The last class that I signed up for is a six-hour (all day) session on Saturday to learn “Twined Knitting”. This class was really the deal-breaker for me. If it had been full already when I registered, I would not be going at all. I’ve been trying to learn this method of stranded knitting for a while now, but most of the books that describe it are out of print. Lene has an impressive gallery of garments and mittens she’s done using twined knitting, but she’s slightly inaccessible as far as a possible tutor goes.

I’m also going to a one-hour lecture on copyrights and how they apply to the world of knitting patterns. This class is the only one I hadn’t even considered when I was mapping out my schedule prior to registration. I saw it as I was scrolling thru the class list page while registering and added it. Copyright, as it applies to creating a new pattern, is a topic that I’ve considered a lot, and is one of the main things that keeps me from writing a pattern of my own. I know that anything I write will be greatly influenced by other things that I’ve knit, but I’m just not sure where another designer’s influence ends and my design begins. Hopefully this class will help to clear things up a bit.

So, are you going to Sock Summit? Are you taking any of these classes? I’m so excited to meet so many other (sock) knitters from all over!


2 thoughts on “Call it a “Knitcation”

  1. Valerie says:

    I’m not going to Sock Summit – but you will enjoy Fiona’s classes. She is an excellent teacher!

    • I’m sorry you won’t be there. It would be nice to meet some of the people I know only from their blogs in person! I’m really looking forward to Fiona’s class, as I truly love cables.

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