Waltzing with Crows

Yesterday I bound off the last stitch of my “Crow’s Waltz Shawl.” I held it up to admire it and was slightly less than impressed. It was much smaller than I’d expected, even though the needles I used were larger than the pattern called for. When I got home, I wrapped it around Penny and it fit her perfectly. Great, now I have a shawl for a six month old. That’s helpful.

I decided it deserved to be blocked anyway, so this morning I soaked it and then pulled out the blocking wires my mom gave me for Christmas (thanks, Mom!). Max and I made the bed – both so I’d have a spot to pin the shawl out and so I could take pictures of it after it was stretched. Then the blocking commenced.

First, blocking wires are amazing. I know I’m not the first to mention this, but they are so great I think it bears repeating. Instead of 50-100 pins to make the points of the lace stand out straight, I only needed 10 or so. And adjusting the “pull” on each of the points required significantly less work as well. If you like to knit lace, get some blocking wires. You’ll not be disappointed.

Crow’s Waltz Shawl, knit on a variety of needles from Araucania Ranco Multi in two different colorways.

Second, even after stretching the life out of the poor little shawl, it still looked really…well, little. I pulled out my tape measure, and found that the shawl is 55″ wide, and 29″ deep. According to the pattern, it’s supposed to be 50″ by 21″. Oh… it’s supposed to be little.

I guess it turned out perfectly!


3 thoughts on “Waltzing with Crows

  1. Carole says:

    I couldn’t really tell size from the picture, but your shawl looks lovely! Beautiful colors and I love the lace!

    I am knitting the “Rectangular” Crow Waltz Shawl and am wondering the same thing myself, how big will this turn out? The first batch of sock yarn I’m using are bigger skeins than the shawl calls for, 2 skeins @360 yards each. So this first one I’m knitting should be bigger. But the yarn I purchased which is the yarn used in the picture is only 280 yards each skein. I looked on Ravelry though, and lots of people only used 2 skeins and it came out pretty good sized. So, we’ll see? This will be my first project I’ve ever needed to block, so I’ll definitely get some wires! Thanks! I’ll keep you posted!

  2. helena says:

    i wear small shawls as bandana-style scarves. also, i find that any shawl that uses less than 2 full skeins of sock yarn ends up being awfully little. and i do prefer a nice big shawl on most occasions. so usually i just keep going until it’s the right size.

    • That wasn’t an option for this one, as it started at the leafy edge, and was worked by decreasing 4 sts every right side row. I could have made the leaf border longer, but at that point I wasn’t sure how much yarn I’d have left. Next time, perhaps.

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