Completion Anxiety

As of yesterday morning, I had only a (short) sleeve and four little rows of edging to knit, then 12 buttons to sew on and some ends to tidy up in order to finish my “Crichton” sweater. I started the sleeve, then got distracted by the Wii, and dishes, and some laundry, and eventually, looking at my potential next project. When I finally sat down at 10:00pm to knit on poor little Crichton again, I was shocked that I’d only finished four rows of sleeve. I took a moment to contemplate what happened, and came to this conclusion:

I was having a bad case of completion anxiety.

Unlike the Yarn Harlot’s problem with her shawl, my anxiety stemmed from the fact that I wasn’t entirely sure the sweater would fit me when I was done. I love the yarn, the color, and the pattern. But I’d made changes to the pattern, taking it from a very short cropped sweater to one that went down to my waist, and making the sleeves a bit longer as well, and if those alterations screwed up the sweater, I’d have no one to blame but myself.

What if, after all that knitting, it was too small?

I made a decision. I’d worked really hard on this sweater, and had (mostly) a great time doing it. If, after all those ends were sewn on, it was too little for me, I’d give it to someone else. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before. And I know a lot of scrawny people – mostly my daughters and their friends – who would not only like the sweater, but have an appreciation for its journey into being.

So Crichton was finished and has had its bath.

Bath time for Crichton!

I usually block my sweaters by folding them in half in order to keep everything the same size and shape

Great buttons from Yardage Town that Max helped me pick out

Tubular bind off on bottom edge – stretchy and lovely and so worth the extra work!

When it’s dry, I’ll try it on. And if it doesn’t look good on me I’ll pass it on to someone else (oh, but now that it’s washed and laid out to dry, I think it will fit – YAY!), and consider making another one for me.

But not right away.


2 thoughts on “Completion Anxiety

  1. Carole says:

    Can you hear me oohing and ahhing all the way from Texas? So pretty! I love-love the color! Looks like a intricate pattern to knit. I’m super impressed! Those flowered buttons are a very nice finishing touch too. I’ve always wondered what fire and water mixed would look like. Now I see in your picture above. Ha! Also, I didn’t comment on your last post, but your children look just precious!

  2. carol liebergen says:

    Hi Amy, The sweater is beautiful and I also love the color. Now, I would enjoy seeing a picture of you wearing it. Your managerial staff is quite cute. Love ’em. Mom

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