When I spin, as when I knit, I feel a little bit like a magician. I take one thing, and by using some basic tools, some imagination, and a very tiny bit of skill, I make them into something else. And even though I know that anyone who creates is doing the same sort of magic that I am, only with a bit more skill and finesse, I still feel special.

Yesterday, I embarked on a new project (don’t ask about the ones I’ve shown you started, but not completed. They’ll get done eventually). I’m making mittens for my aunt, and I wanted to spin the yarn myself. After watching that Rita Buchanan video, I finally felt like I was ready to make some usable yarn. And so I got out the baby alpaca top that I’d been saving for these mittens, and pulled off four 5′ lengths of both the white and the brown, and dyed them. The white became blue-green, and the brown became pink/purple.

This used to be white…

…and this used to be brown…

Late this morning, all of the top was finally dry and I started spinning. I decided to do the pink one first, because I was totally unimpressed by the way the colors turned out, and I wanted plenty of time to re-dye this batch or start over from scratch if it ended up being completely horrible.

But so far, it looks like the magic has extended itself to include making colors look better too.

Half spun, half unspun


3 thoughts on “Magical

  1. Valerie says:

    They are both beautiful!

  2. Carole says:

    Wow! This is so cool and those turned out so beautiful! I love your magician comparison! Great trick by the way!

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