Not too shabby

This evening I got  home well before my husband, Max, and Penny, and I used my time alone to finish spinning the pink/purple baby alpaca. Just as I let go of the end of the top and let the last of it wind on to my spindle, they pulled into the driveway, and I set my wheel aside, vowing to let the freshly spun stuff rest at least overnight, and probably until tomorrow afternoon before plying it. But then Penny went to bed without much fuss, and Max was in the bathtub, and even though I do have two pair of socks just waiting to be finished, that alpaca was calling to me…

“Ply me! Ply me!”

Seriously. How could I resist a pleading alpaca?

It seemed to take forever to ply, but I think I was going a little slower than usual, because I actually need this yarn to turn out well. According to my count (and my husband’s faulty memory) I think I have about 232 yards here of (approximately) fingering weight yarn. This is the most even and fine yarn I’ve spun to date, and I’m pretty darn impressed.

It took nearly as long to wind it off the spindle and onto my niddy-noddy, and when I was done, I found my self very carefully, very slowly securing the hank with figure-8 ties. Because as soon as  it was tied up, I’d have to take it off the niddy-noddy, and only then would I know if I’d plied it well, or over- or under-plied it; if there were spots where I’d spun it too tightly, resulting in little curlicues that didn’t ply at all.

Then, the moment of truth.

232 yards of Baby Alpaca

Tomorrow, we’re going on an adventure, which is the rationalization I used to justify plying this tonight. I’ll have plenty of time to knit in the car, and there’s no way to fit my wheel into the car. Hopefully my next post will include pictures of at least one pair of completed socks.


2 thoughts on “Not too shabby

  1. Mom says:

    Hi Amy, Your yarn is beautiful. All the more so because of the help you got from Max and Miss Penny. Devon likes it too!! Mom

  2. Carole says:

    I love the colors you achieved – so warm and rich. Can’t wait to see where your alpaca goes next! 😉

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