Sock Summit Socks

I finished my socks for Sock Summit this afternoon.

HoarWars 2010 (Ravelry Link), knit in Madeline Tosh  Sock (color, Ivy) – the yellow/green, and Araucania Sock – the blue

This pattern is knit from the toe up, and I did mine two-at-a-time, in order to ensure I didn’t lose interest before I’d finished. The pattern suggested using a Russian bind off so the cuff would be sufficiently stretchy. However, mine still ended up being a little stiff, so I may undo the bind off and do it again, the same way, but using larger needles.

I’m very pleased with how these turned out, and I can’t wait to wear them in Portland!!


2 thoughts on “Sock Summit Socks

  1. Yay! Good job, Momma! Woooooo

  2. Mom says:

    Hey, yours look better than mine did. I think that is because you blocked yours. Lisa just took mine “as is”.

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