Lovely, I Think…

…although not what I expected at all when I saw this…

…turn into this…

Baby Alpaca, dyed and spun by me, but I forgot to count how many yards…

…but still a lovely bit of yarn. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the techniques I learned from watching Rita Buchanan’s How I Spin yielded yet another well made skein of yarn.

It’s obvious, however, that I need to work on my dying techniques. I tried making brown again, and still ended up with…well, not brown. I started with brown dye, which last time yielded a weird yellow-y color. This time I added some black to the brown, and some red and green too (which should have made – yup, you guessed it – brown). And the ends of my wool are, in fact, brown. But the rest of it absorbed the dye at different rates so I have some that’s just red, and some that’s just green. The only solution may be to get some acid dyes and sacrifice my slow cooker to the greater woolly good so I can get at least a little closer to the color I intended.


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