Finally Recovered

This is the first time in a week I don’t feel exhausted. I’m tempted to blame my incessant sleepiness on all the walking we did in Portland, and the fact that I went to bed late and woke up early each day. But it could also be because, since we returned home I’ve been knitting on these

and all those tight little stitches are kind of hypnotic.

This sock – from Nancy Bush’s class on Two Ended Knitting – will be heading to Wisconsin as soon as its mate is completed to grace the tootsies of my nephew, Devon. The heel isn’t tall enough to accommodate my large feet. But the next ones will be mine. I’ll just have to make some adjustments first. Like casting on a few more stitches and decreasing the heel more gradually.

This style of knitting is great, although hard for me because the yarn is held in the right hand. I was painfully slow during class last Saturday, and still am not very good at it. But I have gotten a bit quicker, and somehow my fingers figured out, seemingly on their own, how best to hold and throw the yarn so my stitches are (mostly) even and firm.

Now that I’ve finished the first of these socks, I have a tough decision to make: immediately start on the second one, or return to one of my many “resting” projects, which were put on hold in order to have socks to wear for Sock Summit. Or, dare I even suggest it, casting on something totally different, just for fun?

I’ll let you know how it turns out.


One thought on “Finally Recovered

  1. Malin says:

    Lovely sock! I haven´t tried two ended knitting yet.

    Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for missing my knitting 🙂
    Well, I was hit by a lorry on my holiday (while driving) so I haven´t been feeling so well during 3 – 4 weeks. Luckily I didn´t got hurt. My lust for knitting haven´t been so strong this summer, so I know there have been a lot of pictures of flowers… I hope I will knit more now so I can show more interesting pictures 😉
    And I guess Google translate makes funny translations 😉 (And I write fun english too)

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