I only have how long?

This morning my co-worker walked into my office and said, “Can you believe it’s only____months until Christmas?”

My heart beat sped up, and I could feel my head getting lighter as my fingers started to tingle.

“Never,” I admonished him, “mention to a knitter how little time there is left before Christmas.

Note: only click the link above if you are: a) not a knitter; or b) a masochistic knitter.

I’ve been so busy with work (oi! work!), chauffeuring my lovely children about, and Sock Summit stuff that I really haven’t started on my Christmas knitting. Not only have I not started, I’ve barely thought about it. Last year I started in July, and didn’t finish until late January/early February.

People, it’s already the middle of August. I am SO behind schedule. I need to make a list… wait. First I have to figure out where I wrote the names of the people we have for the gift exchange this year.

Phew! I didn’t find the list, but I used the amazing powers of my memory to recall them. This time, though, I wrote them down (they’re in the Moleskine graph paper notebook, the one with the thumb gusset designs for Letty’s mittens…this is a note to myself so the next time I can’t remember the names, I’ll at least know where to look).

OMG, I just fell down the Ravelry Rabbit Hole while looking for “manly hat” patterns. “Habitat Hat” is on my list twice already, and I need to mix it up a little. I found quite a lot of lovely patterns, but then got distracted by a scarf, which led me to the designer’s page, which allowed me to view a whole bunch of her other patterns.

I got distracted again! How is my list – not to mention the actual knitting of stuff on my list – ever going to get done? I’m going to go take a little walk, and come back to this later.


One thought on “I only have how long?

  1. Valerie says:

    You’re not alone – I’ve maybe got one or two projects done – and lots on the list.

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