Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, I am thankful that my lovely mother-in-law is hosting Thanksgiving. I really enjoy having it at our house, but she just does it better. I am also thankful that, for reasons I still haven’t figured out, I’m already done with all the cooking/baking that I need to do for tomorrow evening’s feast.

First up:

Baking the sweet potatoes so I can make…

Twice Baked Sweet Potato Poppers (but in casserole form – too inconvenient to make conventionally for so many people)

Next, may I present to you

A little bit of both of my homes. Cranberries courtesy of Wisconsin, orange courtesy of California.

Nearly there…

Mmmm, cranberry sauce!

My final contributions are 7-Layer Salad (the bacon for which is already cooked; I’ll assemble it in the morning) and a Cranberry Salsa that Alex has agreed to construct. I plan on eating nothing all day tomorrow in preparation for the great feast in the evening, so if any of the Cordero clan is reading this, be warned!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, especially all of our family members whom we won’t get to see in person (Sami, did I get the whom right? I struggled with this one…).We love you all!


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