I’ve never been very good at this part…My name is Amy (I’m sure of that). I have 4 children, evenly divided between boys and girls (I’m sure of this, too)(29 June 2011 ETA: Oops…I forgot to update this last October. The scales have now tipped definitively and permanently in favor of the girls, and the kid count is up to 5) . I like to knit, read, and cook, but not all at the same time. Although,  to be honest, I’ve never tried this. Maybe I would like it. I don’t like bugs. I do like chocolate and coffee and diet coke, sometimes all at the same time. There are also many, many days when I’d rather stay home and knit than go to work, but I go to work anyway so that I can afford to knit when I’m not there.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Sharon M says:

    You forgot to mention your amazing desire to learn all that you can, as well as your uncanny ability to simply “make it all happen!”

  2. Found out something totally cool today! Penelope, from the Odyssey–you know the story, right?–wove a tapestry to mourn the “death” of Odysseus, but she pulled out a lot of the tapestry every night in secret because once she was done mourning, suitors were allowed to propose to her, which she didn’t want.

    However, in later versions of the story, she was said to be knitting, and not weaving. And, alright, it’s inaccurate and anachronistic because knitting didn’t exist yet, but it’s cool, right? I mean…

    Knitting. Penelope. Penny. Knitting. It’s like it was meant to be! Get it?

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