Ah, Friday

Today is Friday. The day I get to work four hours from home, then enjoy the rest of the day hanging out with Max and Penny. I love Fridays.

Fridays, in spite of not having to go to the office, are not lazy, relaxing days by any means. Friday is also the day I get caught up on laundry, and try to rescue at least one horizontal surface in the house  from being swallowed up by a black hole of stuff. There are many such surfaces on the brink of disappearance, and the challenge is to decide which one will benefit most from my attention.

Today, I think I’ll save my yarn chest, as well as my nightstand (where I store all my knitting books). And when those two have been recovered, I will be able to put away the stack of yarn and stuff that have been living on the little computer stand in the living room since (I’m embarrassed to admit this) around New Year’s Day. That’s three for the price of one! A fine plan. We’ll see if this is yet another paving stone on the road to hell (you know, good intentions and all).

ETA – here are the after pictures. Not included is a photo of my bed, where the things that still need to be put away are temporarily hanging out.

I have some yarn containment issues, I think…

My nightstand, with my modest collection of knitting books (plus one on bookbinding, for variety sake)

My managerial staff (They tend to come in, make a mess, then demand that I fix it. Typical.)

After all that cleaning (still theoretical at this point), I shall finish the sweater I’m test knitting. I’d take a picture of it to show you, but my camera is buried somewhere under the pile of stuff on top of my yarn chest. I actually doubt that I can still claim to be test knitting this pattern. I’ve lengthened the body – by a lot – and I did a tubular bind off instead of just a plain one (my bind offs are always tight and look dorky, and this was the only way I could think to save this lovely little sweater from being choked to death at the edge). I’ve added a bit to the first sleeve as well, and I think instead of short sleeves I’ll lengthen them to just above my elbow, maybe a bit longer (my arms are really quite long, and nothing makes them look more like noodles than little short sleeves).

ETA: Here is the sweater with half of the first sleeve done. I’m really looking forward to wearing this little sweater!

Crichton Sweater, designed by Helena Bristow (but made longer), knit in Ella Rae Lace Merino

Ok, I’d better get going. Max has imaginary sheep washing my dishes, and they need help putting them away.