Weird Weather and Other News

It looks as though summer has finally arrived here in Southern California. Our May Gray and June Gloom extended, with only a few exceptions (i.e., really outrageously hot days that happened to fall on the days that I was at home rather than in my over-air conditioned office), well into August. In fact, just yesterday there were thunderstorms in Santee (thanks for rubbing it in, Sharon!), and strong winds and overcast skies here in Escondido. It felt more like October than August, and I was happy for it was perfect knitting weather.

Today, it was HOT and HUMID. Apparently, I was a little too happy yesterday, and the weather gods have put me in my place. And yet, even though it was about a billion degrees, and 900% humidity (yes, I did that on purpose), I knit. I finished off the 5th skein of yarn and started on the 6th for the Irish Hiking Scarf. I’m really, REALLY liking this project. The only thing that would make me like it more is if I’d used yarn that had more than 110 yards per skien. I used the spit-splice method of joining the ends, so I’ll only have my first and last tails to weave in, but still. What a pain in the arse!

I’m taking a short break from the Hemlock Ring Blanket because my needles are too short. I just looked up 60″ size 10.5 needles online, and have to wonder: why is there a $5.00 price difference between the size 10 needles (which I could have used) and the size 10.5 needles (which I rather foolishly did use)? Well, I can tell you that there is no way I’m starting over again just so I can save five bucks. I’ll skip a coffee or two this week to make up for it. The blanket, despite my break, is doing well. I quite over-achieved on my plan to do five rows per day (which would make one “feather and fan” pattern repeat), and am now ready – as soon as I get some suitable needles – to begin the ninth out of 14 repeats.

I put in a “lifeline” (I threaded some cotton string thru the stitches) and removed it from the needles so I could check my progress. I measured it, and it’s only 41″ in diameter. Wow, and I thought I was nearly done. Well, after some further reading, I found that brooklyntweed’s blanket was just 48″ in diameter, so it would appear that I’m on track. Especially since I didn’t stretch it out at all to take that measurement, and I know that my stuff grows with blocking. Although it would be more comfortable using longer circulars, I might just finish this up on the ones I’m using now so I can call it done and revel in all its loveliness.


So close

The knitting gods smiled upon me these last two days. At least, that is, until last night.

I knew it was too good to last, but I was tired and weak (two more reasons I should have known better). I was so close to the chart portion of the Hemlock Ring Throw, I just had to keep going. I got to the point where I was moving my markers over 9 stitches, and in the third pattern repeat…wait! Why isn’t this falling neatly in between those two decreases?? OMG! I missed one! Three rows back??!! 

Needless to say, I stuffed it into my knitting bag and went to bed. Today I’m cleaning again rather than knitting. Oh well. I won’t get my blanket done, but my house will look nice.