Single Sock Parade

In the last week (give or take a few days), I’ve finished two socks. The problem is that they’re two different patterns, so I now have two halves of two more Christmas gifts knit.

Here’s the first sock that I finished, along with its mate-in-progress:

Rogue Roses by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, knit it Trekking XXL

These socks are fun and quick to knit, but they pose an interesting problem. The pattern is designed so the panel of “roses” twists around one sock clockwise, and the other sock counter clockwise. This means that, after a sock’s worth of knitting, I don’t actually have the pattern memorized, because the second sock is almost… well, backwards.

And that, my friends, is why I opted to knit a totally different sock in between the two Rogue Roses. Check this out:

Traditional Turkish Sock by Anna Zilboorg, from Knitting Traditions magazine

These socks are knit on size 4 (!!) needles, and I used some Knit Picks Palette yarn that I’d purchased back when I was working on the Orange Shawl of Doom (isn’t it funny that I was working on my first attempt at the Rogue Roses socks when I bought this yarn?). I started this one (several times, of course) last Tuesday at Knit Night, and finished it on Friday afternoon. That’s like 2.5 days for a sock! However, since the purpose of this sock was to erase the memory of the Rogue Roses pattern from my brain, I’m afraid it might not have been enough. I’m still having problems keeping track of my rows, and have had to back up several times to correct missed YOs or decreases.

Ok, now that you know what I did last week, I’m off to work on RRsock#2. Have a lovely evening!