On to Sock Summit Socks part Deux

I did a short celebratory dance on Saturday when I finished my HoarWars2010 socks, then moved on quickly to finish the Hedera socks that had been languishing sadly in a paper lunch sack since mid April (I got distracted). I just looked back thru my posts, and I notice that I haven’t even mentioned these poor little socks since April 5th, but I must have been knitting on them occasionally, because when I took them out on Saturday afternoon – seriously, mere moments after I’d finished the other ones – I only had two pattern repeats to do before starting on the toe. I completed the knitting part on Monday at lunch, but I didn’t have my darning needle with me, so I couldn’t graft the toe closed.

In fact, I still haven’t grafted the toe closed. Hold on, I’ll be right back.

…almost done…


Hedera socks, pattern by Cookie A, from knit. sock. love. Knit with Knit Picks Imagination Hand Painted sock yarn, Make Believe colorway.

So anyway, on Monday, at lunch, after I’d finished all but the grafting for Hedera, I started on my second pair of Sock Summit Socks. Admittedly, these ones are kind of cheating, since they’re anklets, but they have fussy little cables that, although charming and lovely, are a pain in the butt to knit.

In Season, pattern by Melissa Morgan-Oakes, from the 2009 RSC (yeah, I’m lagging a bit on my RSC kits). Yarn is Heirloom from Blue Moon Fiber Arts (sent with the kit, but not available on their site. I just checked.)

They’re further along now than they were in the photo above, but I’m going to wait to show them to you again until I’m at least done with the heel. By my calculations, I have to finish these over the weekend in order to have any hope of finishing a third pair by the end of July. Ok, I’m off to knit!