Lunchtime Entertainment

Yesterday I bought a treat for myself: a digital copy of “How I Spin” with Rita Buchanan from Interweave Knits. I wanted to put it on my iPad so I could keep it next to me while I was spinning so I could refer to it as I spun, but I just got a chance to look at it a few minutes ago.

Oh my goodness. She is amazing.

I didn’t have a lot of confidence that I’d be able to learn something so tactile and hands on from a video, but after watching the first 15 minutes, I can see that it’s not the medium that affects the learning process so much as the instructor. Ms. Buchanan is charismatic and cute, reminding me of role-model type characters from books I read when I was a child. Her accent (New York, I think) is charming but not distracting. And the way she mixes stories with instruction makes watching the video a pleasure.

The video is $30 for the digital download, and $35 for a DVD. I paid $20 to sit with a master spinner in San Marcos for an hour and have her coach me, and while that was well worth the money, for $10 more, I have constant access to a well known spinner who is both informative and entertaining.