One pumpkin done, one on the way

Well, if everything goes as planned and on schedule (HA!), Penny should be here in about 5 weeks. We’re all very excited, although Max still doesn’t seem to understand what a “Penny” is. The other night, when I was putting him to bed, he asked me to rub his “penny,” and lifted his shirt so I could pat his belly. I’m confident, however, that he’ll do fine once she’s here, since he really does like babies a lot… at least, he likes them in the wild, as we pass them in the store and leave them there with their own families.

I’ve started doing the Non-Stress Tests (NST) due to my “Advanced Maternal Age” (that still kinda ticks me off – I’m not a youngster, but I’m not old, either), and at the end of yesterday’s test, the very lovely nurse gave me a couple new pics of our little pumpkin.

Isn’t that cool? While she was doing the ultrasound, we watched Penny rubbing her eyes and swatting at her cheeks. It was especially cool because I could feel her movements and see them at the same time.

On a similar topic, whilst at Starbucks on Tuesday, as I sat selfishly knitting on a pair of socks for myself, a lady asked if I’d made a lot of things for the baby. I was rather ashamed to admit that, while Penny has received several very lovely handmade gifts from friends and relatives, I’d yet to knit a single thing for her. So the next day Max and I ventured forth to Clever Knits to pick up supplies and ideas; fortunately both are always in ready supply. We came away a skein each of orange and green Cascade Heritage sock yarn, and a plan for a pumpkin hat for Miss Penny to wear home from the hospital.

Here it is, as modeled by a ball of Cascade 220. I’ll make the leaves if/when Max takes a nap this afternoon, and get another picture for tomorrow.

Next to be added to my needles will be this:

The smallest size is for a 6 month old, but I think that if I do it with the green sock yarn and smaller needles, I should end up with something that she can wear a bit sooner. We’ll see. I may have to go pick up some tiny onesies again to use as a size guide. I thought about just bringing my tape measure to Target with me and measuring some random babies, but I’m shy, and that would almost certainly be an awkward exchange that could possibly end with in the Security office being held until a psych evaluation can be done. And I’m pretty sure they don’t let suspected crazies play with yarn and knitting needles, so this would be a doubly tragic scenario. I’ll just stick to the onesies.

Finally, I apologize for being so long between posts. Now that school has started again, Sami & Jojo have commandeered the kitchen table for doing their homework, and since that’s where I usually set up to take my pictures and write, I’ve had a tough time getting to it. I know.  That’s a really lame excuse. But it’s the only one I’ve got, and I’m going to stick with it.

See you all soon!