That’s really the only word for it. Sure I still knit when I’m at work lunch, or when I go to the bookstore to relax. But if I’m at home, I’m interested in doing just one thing.

And it’s not housework.

I showed you yesterday the blue/green/pink/purple baby alpaca that I’m spinning. But I forgot to show you what I’d finished last week.

That’s nearly 500 yards of superwash merino wool, dyed and spun by yours truly. And although I was so impressed when I took it off my niddy-noddy after plying it I actually shed a tear, it’s still not perfect.

You see, this nearly 500 yards of lovely green yarn…

…was supposed to be brown.

Oh well, it’s not like I don’t have more dye, and plenty of wool to practice my color mixing skills on.