As you may know, I restarted the Hemlock Ring Blanket on Tuesday night at the Clever Knits Knit Night. And it was going well. I made it all the way through the center, and up to row 43 of the “Feather and Fan” chart before I made an error. And boy, oh boy… what an error.

This is really a pretty simple pattern, once you make it through the center, but I’ve had issues in my previous attempts at this blanket with keeping track of how many stitches I had (the many, many, many YOs and combined stitches make counting a challenge, at least for me). But I swore this time, it would be different. I used rings to mark the 8 sections, in order to facilitate counting higher than 10 reliably. When I got to the chart section, I’d knit the pattern, counting carefully, then on the next row count each section again to make sure I caught any mistakes right away. Then I could confidently knit away at the next three rows, knowing in my heart of heart that the next pattern row would just work (due to stitch-fidelity).

This method was working perfectly until this evening. This morning I decided that, although longer needles would make my progress more comfortable, I was going to forge ahead and finish this thing up today. I’d decided to end where brooklyntweed ended, for fear of running out of yarn (as is my tendency), which meant I only had 15 rows left vice the 30 I thought I had. So, knit, knit, knit…only 10 rows left.

I set the thing down to have dinner, and when I picked it back up and had nearly finished the second to last pattern row, I noticed I had one too many stitches in the 7th section. It was pretty easy to find my error: I’d done a random YO two rows previous (in a row where I wasn’t counting). I dropped the stitch, and decided to let the stitches even themselves out during blocking. So, knit, knit, knit… this is looking TOTALLY DOABLE!!

Yeah, but in the next section, I noticed something wonky. Strange, I thought to myself, there shouldn’t be any YOs here…I’m doing the pattern row now… Hmmm.

Yeah, I screwed up. For some reason, after 70+ rounds of starting the new row when I get to the cool white ring marker, I opted to start at the purple marker instead.

I put the blanket aside, played some stupid games on Facebook, took a bath, put the boy to bed… and in doing so, have managed to put off tinking (that’s “knit” backwards, +an “ing”) 1224 stitches until tomorrow. If anyone has a suggestion re: how to avoid this, please let me know ASAP.


(no photo of blanket, because it’s in time out)