Not that I had any reason to doubt her…

You know the YarnHarlot has a lot of wisdom – knitterly and otherwise – on her blog, but last night I encountered proof of a statement that she’s made several times.

Knitters are taking over the world.

We’re not doing it in overt, obvious ways. Instead we’re sneaking bits of wool into the lives of those around us, and even if they don’t eventually become knitters themselves, they will absorb enough woolly knowledge subliminally and by osmosis that not only will they not challenge our world domination…they may even help! I observed this not once, not twice, but three times yesterday alone. I was awed.

Instance the first: I showed a co-worker a pair of socks I’d just finished (the Windjammer Socks…see the previous post). While this co-worker has always indulged me by complimenting my past projects, this time it went a step further. Her comment to me was, “Oh, these are so nice and soft. Are they wool or alpaca? I like the cables!”

Instance the second: Sami had an Academic League competition last night. As always, I sat in the back (so I wouldn’t draw any attention), and I knit. During one of the breaks, the moderator turned and said to me, “If my wife were here, she’d be sitting next to you, trying to figure out what you’re making.” That was an innocuous enough comment to make. However, later and during a longer break between matches, he came over to ask what I was making (it’s a sock – big surprise), and he said something about “second-sock syndrome” and “the YarnHarlot says…” He knows about the YarnHarlot?? Oh yes. He even knew her real name. His wife has been doing some fine work on behalf of knitters everywhere. Not only does he have this information, but he’s not afraid to speak the language of knitters in front of a room full of people!

Instance the third: After the Academic League competition (Sami’s school won both the Novice and JV rounds), we returned home and Sami retired to her room to address her homework. After about an hour she came down and asked for help picking a topic for a speech she had to give – today – for which she could provide three resource citations, not including Wikipedia. Of course, the only thing I could come up with was… yep, you guessed it… wool. We went to the bookshelf and I chose a selection of books covering wool and where it comes from and what you can do with it (“The Knitter’s Book of Wool”), regional knitting (“Latvian Mittens” and “Northern Knits”) and some spinning books (“Start Spinning” and “Spin Control”). I also provided some visual aids, in the form of unspun and spun wool and alpaca, some dyed and some not. As she walked off to start writing, she mentioned using both me and the YarnHarlot as sources as well. “Didn’t the YarnHarlot say something about yarn being an inexpensive form of entertainment, comparing the price of a movie ticket to the price of a ball of yarn, then comparing how many hours of entertainment each provided?” Oh yeah…she’s been converted. I won’t say that she went up and joyously composed her speech, but I can tell you that there was no crying or yelling or whining, and by the time I went to bed an hour later, she was done. I’ll find out this afternoon how it went.

I never really doubted that we’d eventually take over the world. I just didn’t realize how little effort (knitting in public aside) it would require!