So Long, 2010!

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! 2010 has been a lovely year, filled with surprises…


Welcome Penny!

Our family continues to thrive. Sami graduated from 8th grade; Jojo got even lovelier (I didn’t think this was possible), and Max became a big brother and is taking his new responsibilities very seriously. I knit Christmas gifts for my family back in Wisconsin, and received this in response:

From left, there is Aunt Jean (unfortunate recipient of my first knitted gift), my grandma, someone who has joined the family since I was home last so I don’t know his name, my cousin Stacey, Aunt Chris, Aunt Ruth, cousin Caleb and cousin Sarah. Front and center is Stacey’s son, Trevor.

Of the sock-wanters pictured above only Caleb is out of luck, as his mom has often told me of his Brobdingnagian
feet. OK, maybe he’s not totally out of luck, but it might take until Christmas 2012 to get his finished. All told, in 2010 I knit 6 pair of socks, 4 hats, 4 sweaters, 3 pair of mittens plus a pair of wrist warmers/fingerless mitts, and a whack
(to borrow a quantity from my favorite knitter, the YarnHarlot) of scarves. I learned to knit entrelac, and practiced my stranded knitting. I was a successful participant in the knitting Olympics, and Sami got a sweater out of it that she wears all the time. I bought a bunch of knitting books, some of which I’ve still not knit anything from as I’m still reading the patterns in awe and trying to build up my fortitude so I can try something like the beautiful sweaters designed by Alice Starmore.

This year has been fantastic. My family is healthy and happy, my house and job are both still here and, although not perfect, they’re both serving me well. Some may think I’m being blindly optimistic, but I prefer to think of it as appreciating what I have. I think I’ve had a wonderful 2010, and wish you all an abundance of greatness in the year to come.